We provide trustworthy and reliable service of process. We have increased our services by expanding our coverage area beyond greater Los Angeles and by integrating a mixture of technology and new programs to create fluid working relationships with real time updates to you, our client. Our process servers are some of the best and have undergone rigorous training and have experience in many challenging process serving situations.

We understand the needs and demands of the legal industry from years of exposure and collaboration. We also understand that process servers are in an integral art of the legal community and that attorneys look for a fast, reliable and trustworthy Attorney Service.


We offer a number of service including service of process, same day filings, file retrieval and on-site scanning services. Please browse our site and if you have any questions feel free to call, email or post a question on our on going blog eServe Blog

Finding Process Serving Los Angeles

There are infinite listings when it comes to Process Serving Los Angeles, with such a large city and county it is no wonder there are so many licensed process servers. You can trust our company to provide quality service in a timely manner. Because process serving has time limits you need to know you are hiring a knowledgeable outfit that can get your job done quickly and effectively. Whether you know exactly where our process server Los Angeles needs to go or if you need us to track down a more difficult to find person or business you are sure to get what you need from our qualified professionals.

Registered Agent State of California

Los Angeles is a very business heavy area and so we often find ourselves process serving in Los Angeles for people who are not in the state. This is because you need a registered agent in the state to serve a business that calls California home. When you are far away it can be a bit concerning hiring someone out of state, but we have a proven track record and can keep you in the loop every step of the way. You can check with our references as you will not find a more qualified set of process servers Los Angeles anywhere else. Your papers will be served in a timely manner to ensure you will experience no trouble when you go to court.

Exchanging Information

As process servers Los Angeles, we understand how difficult it can be to hand your entire future over to someone you do not know. What we do to help ease this burden and give you peace of mind is put in writing our intentions when it comes to letting you know what is going on every step of the way. You can choose your preferred method of contact and we will lay out an overall plan. Because Process Serving Los Angeles often takes different twists and turns we know how important it is to tell you where we currently stand even when things divert from the original plan of action. We offer you an open line of communication on the status of your papers and an expected completion date.

Do Not Experience Fatal Errors

Process Serving Los Angeles is not where you want to take a chance with an unproven source. You have a small window of opportunity to get the job done and while there may be many eProviders swearing they can do this for you, a registered agent with a proven track record is the way to go. No matter how simple your case might seem, you never know what complications could arise and you need a company that can handle all sorts of Process Serving Los Angeles pitfalls. A fatal error is unrecoverable and could mean the difference between you getting what you want and need and you not even making it to your day in court.

Check Our References, We Want You To

We are so confident in our abilities and our track record, we encourage new clients to get in touch with our past clients for reference. Our Process Serving Los Angeles record is as good as they come and you will more fully understand the process by speaking with someone who has been there before. We want to make sure you are totally comfortable with our services and what we can provide so you can rest easy when it comes to completing this process.

Information Age, Using it To Our Advantage

Social networking has opened up a whole new world to process servers Los Angeles. We now have the ability to find known associates and track the movements of hard to find people via the internet. While this may seem easy it takes practice and knowing the law. We ensure that everything we do to track down the person or persons who must be served will serve you well in court. It does you no good if someone steps outside the lines on your behalf as it can wreck your whole case. Our process servers have been trained to find the needle in the haystack and we can locate people you might think gone for good.

The Cost

As far as pricing, you will find us very reasonable. We do not claim to be the cheapest on the block and we wear that as a badge of honor. We want you to know you are getting professional service and this tends to cost a tad bit more. But this extra money goes towards paying for the resources we need to get the job done effectively and expediently, something that is worth every penny. You can speak to people who have trusted the cheapest in the past and not only did the Process Serving Los Angeles not get done, they missed their window of opportunity, something that is not worth it in the end.

Substituted Service

Another benefit of looking at us when it comes to Process Serving Los Angeles is the fact we are not beyond using substituted service. This is when we can serve a person indirectly through a court-approved third party. This is an important option when it comes to people who are difficult to find. This type of service can mean the difference between getting your papers served and missing your window of opportunity altogether.

Our service is the best one you will find online or in person in all of Process Serving Los Angeles. There is nothing you have to worry about when it comes to working with our company. We go above and beyond to get you where you need to be, to ensure you have your day in court and that every step is properly handled. We want you to feel confident and we are more than happy to answer any and all question you may have so you can be confident in everything you are doing when it comes to Process Serving Los Angeles.

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